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   Welcome to the Albatross Yacht Club (AYC),  which is a sailboat racing club for competitive enthusiasts.  The club sails mainly in Anchor Bay on northern portion of Lake St. Clair. The club membership race as part of the Anchor Bay Yacht-Racing Association (ABYRA). The Albatross Yacht Club organizers manage the Tuesday Night Twilight Race Series and sponsor several Invitational races throughout the summer sail racing season.

   If you are not familiar with sail racing on Lake St. Clair or the Albatross Yacht Club, our membership can be found on most Tuesday evenings, between May and September, racing several classes of yachts around the buoys and a collection of pre-determined courses. The sailboat racing series feature handicap fleets for an array of boats, including spinnaker, as Spinnaker, Asymmetric Spinnaker (Mackinac Race Cruising Class rules) and Jib & Main racers and there's room for. one-design classes. Albatros Yacht Club is a member of the Detroit Regional Yacht Racing Association. 

    If you're not sure about sail racing, you should check out the Albatross Yacht Club because the racing is fun and competitive and after most of the summer races, the sailors meet and share their common experience over a cold one and a snack, while listening to the race tales of their fellow competitors, while the race committee compile the race results from the day's competition. Come out and try us and we think you'll enjoy the experience.

April Board Meeting

April 9, 2018

6 p.m.

Tune up race

Tuesday May 8, 2018

Skippers Meeting

Friday April 27, 2018

Bar open at 6pm Meeting at 7pm.

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